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Person centred
Cutting-edge scientific and technological approach

Centre for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Headaches

Centre for the diagnosis and treatment of headaches

The Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache at IGEA Medical Clinic was opened in response to a therapeutic need for pathophysiological, clinical, psychopathological approach to the treatment of headaches , particularly a neurological approach. Episodes of severe headaches are widespread in the general population - 75.8% of women and 60.6% of men - have experienced at least one attack of headaches in their lifetime. Recurrent headaches occur mainly in the adult working population. Although more common in women, children, adolescents and the elderly are also affected. In some cases it is an occasional disorder; however, most often it is frequent and severe enough to affect the sufferer's ability to work, as well as their home and social life, especially in its chronic forms.

We distinguish primary forms of headache such as migraine, tension-type headache and cluster headaches. No organic cause has been clearly established to account for the condition. However, there are headaches that are symptomatic of other organic diseases and need diagnostic tests and consequently treatments to target the primary condition.

The Headache Center therefore aims to establish a proper framework for the diagnosis, treatment and management of headache disorders in patients, making use of the most innovative imaging techniques and treatment methods in line with scientific research for the treatment of headaches, as well as a multidisciplinary approach (cardiology, endocrinology and haematology) with a view to treating the patient holistically. Cessation treatments are also provided for forms of chronic headaches complicated by the overuse of painkillers, and that are resistant to and prophylactic therapy. Among these is botulinum toxin therapy for chronic migraine without aura for patients referred to the center. Another finding is the diagnostic and therapeutic classification of headaches attributed to disorders of the CSF fluid flow dynamics.

The Centre is directed by Professor Gennaro Bussone, nationally and internationally renowned for headache disorders, founder of the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute Centre for headachers in Milan and Senior Consultant Emeritus. Professor Bussone has devoted his long clinical and research activities to headache disorders, having gained great insights over the years into possible pathophysiological and therapeutic implications that underlie the disease itself. He was also the first in the world to offer the stereotactic treatment of intractable chronic cluster headache with hypothalamic neurostimulation.

Specialist neurologists Dr. Vincenzo Tullo and Dr. Marcella Curone have been working at the centre alongside Professor Bussone for a long time, in clinical and research activities which Professore Bussone promoted in the field of diagnosis and treatment of headaches.

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