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Ufficio Ricoveri - Via Marcona, 69

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  • Sabato: 7:30 - 12:30

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Person centred
Cutting-edge scientific and technological approach


orthopedic recovery

The new Orthopedics and traumatology unit at IGEA Clinic has state-of-the-art facilities for the treatment of all the main orthopaedic conditions. Our orthopaedic surgeons are highly specialised in surgical techniques for each individual joint region. We also operate an outpatient service, open every day of the week. The patient is cared for at each stage of treatment, from clinical and instrumental diagnosis to surgery and subsequent post-operative care and establishing the correct rehabilitation programme.

Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopy allows an accurate and tangible assessment of intra-articular components causing minimal soft tissue trauma, less mobility, less post-operative complications and a faster recovery than open procedures. This approach is vital for treating the injuries of athletes and degenerative injuries in the over 50s. Arthroscopy is indicated for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.

Knee injuries

meniscal injuries
ligament injuries (anterior and posterior cruciate ligament)
chondral lesions
lateral release
mobile nodules
synovial plicae
painful knee prosthesis
knee pain with swelling that is resistant to the usual conservative treatment


partial and complete lesions of the RC (rotator cuff)
tenosynovitis of the BLH (the long head of the biceps)
uni- and multidirectional instability
laxness problems
symptoms of glenoid labrum tears (SLAP lesion)
refractory adhesive capsulitis
osteochondritis dissecans
mobile nodules
synovectomie in Rheumatoid Arthritis
issues the acromioclavicular join

Prosthetic surgery

Prosthetic surgery treats degenerative diseases (affecting the majority of the population over 60) and post-traumatic injury (traffic accidents, accidental falls, etc.). Hip replacements, total joint or unicompartmental knee replacement, patello-femoral joint arthroplasty, arthroplasty of the shoulder, trapeziometacarpal (hand) arthroplasty .

The indications include: primary osteoarthritis, revisions of previous prostheses, rheumatoid arthritis, result of fracture, aseptic and septic loosening, painful prostheses, necrosis.

Prosthetics are placed with the aims of eliminating pain, restoring function and lasting over time. The pre-operative assessment of the patient must include a clear description and documentation of the risks and benefits. The patient's and the surgeon's expectations must be explicitly defined and the postoperative rehabilitation programme and its importance in the overall outcome of the procedure must be emphasised.

The Orthopaedic team also performs the following surgical procedures: neurolysis for carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar nerve compression syndrome at the elbow, tenolysis for De Quervain's disease in the wrist, trigger finger tenolysis, cyst removal, aponeurotomy for Dupuytren's disease, tendon suturing, patellar and olecranon bursectomy, surgical correction of flat feet in children, surgical correction of hallux valgus and hammer toes of the feet.

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